Our Process

Leather and Thread

Except where noted I use Wickett & Craig leathers and Maine Thread Company's waxed polycord. After trying several different manufacturers. I have found these two American companies to give me the most consistent product on a regular basis. 

Production Times

With few exceptions, all products are made to order, and prioritized in the order they are received.

Current production times are: 

•2 weeks for production on smaller items (wallets and accessories) 

•up to 3 weeks for larger items (bags and purses).

Occasionally, I will have product on hand that will be available immediately, in those cases, please allow 2-3 business days for shipping. 

Why hand stitching?

Leather sewing machines commonly use the "lock stitch". If just one loop of a lock stitch is broken, the other side will automatically be loosened, often this process of unraveling will continue until the entire product is ruined.

Hand sewing and using the saddle stitch, however, will not unravel if one loop is broken.

Though slower, hand sewing is superior to machine sewing. It is the best way to sew leather together,the hand-sew leather product will be more durable and stand the test of time !!